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Design & Measurement

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Audio signal analyzing
with stute.x1A...


 A powerful and accurate measurement software to verify your audio systems, like loudspeaker box or amplifier. With stute.x1A you find the best choice of a tweeter, checks the tuning of vented system or verifies the crossover circuit.


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Loudspeaker box design
with stute.x1D...

A modern software for your loudspeaker box design: Project summary incl. cost calculation, speaker and crossover/enclosure parts database, crossover and enclosure designer incl. simulation. Your best choice for MS-Windows 10.


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Automated measurement
with stute.SCPI...

Control your Voltmeter or other instruments with SCPI commands. The open script language is supported by many manufacturers (like Keithley, Agilent,...). stute.SCPI adjusted the meas. range of the instrument via RS232 and readout/visualize the result in a xy chart.

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Smart Home control
with stute.SHC...

Our Smart home system controls your home systems like lights, camera, sensors, heating and safety components. The "configured" intelligence allows our system to run recurring daily routines in your home without an activity from you. This is our Smart Home understanding.