Video: Build a 2 way loudspeaker box (Enclosure, volume calculation, audio crossover, cost calculation...)

stutex1d project 800

stutex1d lspdb 800

Module “Project overview”

  • Summary of your loudspeaker box design
  • Easy jump into the details
  • Overall cost calculation
  • Enclosure view
  • Measurement file link and view via external SW, like stute.x1A
  • Review of "missed/incorrect" entries 
  • Add comments to the design
  • Print the project overview

Module “Speaker database”

  • Comfortable search according to type, manufacturer or T-S parameter
  • Transfer of the loudspeaker specifications to the enclosure and crossover module
  • Easy adding of new speakers
  • Web link to each speaker (e.g. to the web shop of your dealer)
  • PDF file link (e.g. to the manufacturer datasheet)
  • Speaker import function (free speaker files in the download area)
  • Print a datasheet
  • ...

stutex1d crossover calc 800

stutex1d enclosure 800

Module “Audio crossover calculator”

  • Fast design via the filter wizard (calculation & schematic)
  • Design of impedance EQ circuits (RC/RLC)
  • Simulation of Freq. Response and impedance Z
  • Speaker "Z" model: Resistor "R" and "Complex" (R+L + R||L||C)
  • Frequency response simulation single way and sum
  • Replace "calculated" components with real parts from the material database. Check the influence.
  • Cost calculation and bill of material output
  • Schematic editor. Draw your own schematic. Select parts from the database 

Module “Enclosure calculator”

  • Enclosure types: Sealed, Vented, Radiator, Transmission Line
  • Simulate “Frequency response”, “Cone excursion”, "Step response", "Air speed port" (excepted Transmission Line)
  • T-S parameter transfer from the speaker database or manual T-S data input
  • Calculation based at given enclosure volume possible (e.g. not Qts driven)
  • Qts adjustment via DC resistor in series (e.g. inductance DC resistor)
  • Print output

stutex1d enclosure draw 800

stutex1d matdb 800

Module “Enclosure designer”

  • Fast design of a loudspeaker box enclosure
  • Speaker chassis dimension (like inner & outer diameter) transfer from the speaker database
  • 2D enclosure view and dimension
  • Bill of material output
  • Cost calculation (enclosure material from the materal database)
  • Frame material from the material database
  • Simple 3D enclosure view incl. rotation
  • Print output

Module “Material database”

  • Audio crossover components (R,L,C,...) and loudspeaker enclosure material
  • Inductance L with DC resistor value (for the simulation)
  • Search according to component type or value (inductance air core in the range 1mH to 3mH)
  • Web link for each material  (e.g. to the web shop of your distributor)
  • Easy adding of new material
  • Comment input tor each material
  • ....

Simulation example: Audio crossover check

Check of the impedance EQ circuit. Chart: Impedance response. Red without Z EQ, Green with Z EQ

crossover Z EQ

Simulation example: Audio crossover check

Assessment of the frequ. response with & without an impedance EQ circuit. Chart: Freq. response with/without Z EQ. Blue without Z EQ

crossover freqResp ohne mit Z EQ

Simulation example: Vented enclosure 

Chart step response 

enclosure vented stepresponse

Simulation example: Sum freq. response 3 way loudspeaker box (bad adjustment and phase error) 

Red: Woofer, Green: Mid-range, Blue: Tweeter, Olive-green: Sum

crossover freqresp 3way sum

Simulation example: Freq. response radiator loudspeaker system

Frequency response in depandance to the enclousre volume

stutex1d.DB enclosure radiator xy simu

Simulation example: Cone excursion loudspeaker assembled

Pink: Limit lin. cone excursion, value from loudspeaker database

enclosure vented ConeExcursion


For free: Re-calculate the prices of the loudspeaker and audio crossover / enclosure material for another currency

  • Easy to use
  • Enter the currency abbreviation, like "USD"
  • Enter the exchange rate (direct web link to a rates overview included)
  • Start the database update
  • stute.x1D displays the updated price and currency abbreviation
  • Program "DBCurrency" for free in our download area



System requirements

  • MS Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32 & 64 bit)
  • Processor i3 1.5GHz or above, RAM min. 2 GB
  • Screen resolution min. 1050x768 pixel. 
    • Only Windows 7: Font size 100%