Create xy charts with measurements of your voltmeter or other instruments. A script controls the instrument mode, trigger the measurement and visualize the readout in a chart.

scpi main1


  • Control your measurements via SCPI scripts
  • Visualize the results (XY chart)
  • Time / frequency based measurements
  • Audio files as a signal source possible (e.g. THD check Bluetooth audio adapter)
  • Receive/transmit data via RS232
  • RS232 auto detect

scpi script editor

SCPI script

  • Edit a script with each simple text editor
  • Default commands are described in your instrument manual
  • Additional commands to use variables and control loops are described in the stute.SCPI manual

scpi xy response

xy chart

  • Multi-channel view
  • Cursor 1, 2, 2-1
  • x- y- axis cursor
  • Mathematic functions
  • Saleable screen
  • View 6 charts parallel
  • 2 y-axis
  • Text input per channel
  • Auto-scale functions
  • Chart copy & paste
  • Copy chart to clipboard
  • ….

stuteSCPI debug


  • Transmit commands step by step
  • Display transmitted scripts in a list
  • ...