Automate your measurements with stute.SCPI 

  • Control your measurements via SCPI scripts 
  • Visualize the results in a XY chart
  • Perform time or frequency based measurements
  • Include audio files for your measurements (e.g. 1kHz test signal)
  • Software includes a debug mode

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scpi main1

SCPI language

  • SCPI, a common script language for many devices (voltmeter, signal generator…)
  • Transmit the commands via a USB RS232 interface
  • Create with each text editor a powerful script
  • Many manufacturers supports SCPI script controlling (Agilent, Keithley…)

SCPI system

Easy example for a frequency response measurement.

The script controls each step and looks like:

  • Adjust the measurement (e.g. voltage range or AC or DC)
  • Start the measurement loop
  • Output an AC signal (e.g. sine), fo
  • Measure the voltage
  • Increase the frequency fo
  • Repeat until fo < fmax (loop end)
  • Display the chart

The needed SCPI commands are described in the manual of your instrument.