stute.x1D Loudspeaker Box Designer

The All-In-One solution for your successful loudspeaker box project.

Some key features

Fast loudspeaker box enclosure design incl. volume calculation & simulation
Easy audio filter design per wizard incl. simulation and transfer to commercially available parts
Powerful driver database with many filter options and a link to your dealer store, datasheet and measurement
Component database for crossover & enclosure material incl. link to your dealer online shop
Room EQ function to optimize the frequency response of your loudspeaker box via Audio-DSP 
Acoustical pre-check of the passive audio filter design via Audio-DSP

No driver - No loudspeaker box


Driver and component database

The start point for all loudspeaker box designs are the loudspeaker driver. The driver database from stute.x1D provides to you many information to each driver and supports you by the search for the right one on multiple ways. 

Additional a second database contains commercially available  audio filter components and raw material for the loudspeaker enclosure design. 

Based on so many details you have very good jump off point to create a very good sound system. 

Audio Filter Design


How It Works

Step 1: Filter Wizard

Calculate per click the audio filter

Step 2: Schematic output

View & store the schematic 

Step 3: Simulation

Filter tuning: Adjust and verify the modifications 

Step 4: BOM / order

Bill of material output 


Influence of the Impedance Z

With stute.x1D  you checks easily your impedance EQ circuit at the PC. Furthermore you visualize effects of the non corrected driver impedance to the audio filter slope.

Real world

Does your dealer provide 5.25uF?

The REALizer function tries to replace the mathematical calculated part values with commercially available parts  (component database). Simulate the difference!

Import & Simulation

Frequency response

Left diagram: As an example the sum signal simulation of a 2 way loudspeaker box. Red: Woofer, Green: Tweeter, Olive-green: Sum signal

The right diagram displays an imported measurement of a driver without and with a low pass audio filter (blue)

Design check

Acoustical pre-check of your passive filter design

Save money and time with the acoustical pre-check of your audio filter design, before you order the expensive passive filter components.

Transfer via a click the passive audio filter design into the Behringer DCX2496 Audio-DSP and make first test hearings.

Loudspeaker Box Enclosure


How It Works


Driver enclosure calculation 

Step 2 Simulation

Check & modify the enclosure details 

Step 3 Wizard

Create an enclosure and place the driver

Step 4 Finalize

Adjust & finish the enclosure design


Enclosure types

Design check

Simulation opportunities

Room EQ

Improve your sound

Frequency response correction (EQ)

Room EQ

Sample application 

Start point is the frequency response import from the audio analyzer stute.x1A. 

Loudspeaker Box Summary


Design overview


MS Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32 & 64 bit), Processor i3 1.5GHz or above, RAM min. 2 GB, Screen resolution min. 1050x760 pixel 


Acoustical frequency response import: Audio analyzer software stute.x1A required. Automatic data transfer into the digital processor Behringer DCX2496: Software DCX.Server and DCX.Client required. 

style options: "Light", "dark"