• Easy to use
  • Analyze and optimize your speaker box
  • Find the right speaker chassis for your project
  • Check the audio crossover cut-over frequency and slope
  • Test the impedance EQ circuit
  • Verify the tuning of the bass reflex port
  • Test the frequency response of your audio amplifier
  • Display frequency changes due to the tone/equalizer settings
  • View frequency spectrum and detect distortion
  • Touch friendly user interface

Key features

  • Measurement frequency range up to 44kHz, sample rate up to 96kHz (depends at the used audio interface)
  • Accurate measurements with Pink Noise and Sine signals
  • Measurement: Acoustic & electrical frequency response, Impedance, FFT
  • Visualize the frequency spectrum (FFT) and recognize distortions
  • Comfortable scalable multi-channel xy chart with mathematics
  • Measurement adapter stute.x1S available: PCB or kit. Schematic for free
  • Customizable look of the program (exchange the background image) 
  • Calibration routine eleminates audio interface frequency response deviations
  • Import/create microphone calibration files


x1A main AA

Analyzer module

  • Measurement: Acoustic & electrical frequency response, Impedance Z, FFT spectrum analysis
  • Minimize room influences due to the usage of a Pink Noise signal for the acoustic freq. response
  • Measurement up to 44kHz, supported sample rates: 44.1k, 48k, 96kHz
  • Electrical measurement in mV, dB, dBV, dBm,..
  • Uses a commercially audio interface for the measurement, like Behringer UMC202HD
  • Auto-Level adjustment for acoustic measurements
  • FFT: 1024..32768 points, average 1..10, Window function: Rectangle, Hanning, Hamming
  • Microphone correction option
  • Shortcuts for default frequency ranges
  • 6 measurement channels for frequency response & impedance (parallel)
  • ...

xy chart

  • Multi-channel view
  • Cursor 1, 2, 2-1, x- y- axis cursor incl. readout
  • Smoothing function
  • Zoom
  • Mathematic functions
  • Saleable screen
  • View 6 charts parallel, reference each chart to y-axis 1 or 2
  • lin/log x-axis
  • Text input per channel
  • Auto-scale functions
  • Chart copy & paste
  • Copy chart to clipboard
  • ….

x1a xy cursor all

FFT sine signal external audio generator

x1a xy fft 1k sin

RC filter freq. response up to 40kHz

x1A xy AE 45k RC

2 way vented loudspeaker box. Impedance measurement up to 40kHz. Vented port not adjusted optimal

x1A xy Z 45k 2wege

Self test freq, response acoustic measurement (signal: Pink Noise) up to 40kHz: Result close by the optimum flat linex1a xy AA selftest 40k


Schematic impedance Z measurement

Signal output => Audio interface headphone out.

Signal input <= Audio interface line inputs

x1a Z 350

Schematic acoustic measurement 

Signal output => Audio interface headphone out. Signal amplyfing about an audio amplifier

Signal input <= Microphone and audio interface mic. input

x1a acoustic 350

Schematic crossover check

Signal output => Audio interface headphone out.

Signal input <= Audio interface line inputs

x1a crossover 350

Adapter stute.x1S

Simple measurement adapter stute.x1S for the impedance and crossover check available. Also the single printed circuit PCB. stute.x1S schematic for free in our download area...

stutex1S PCB small 500   stute x1S sideboard 500



FFT sine signal with distortion k2, k3,...

x1a xy fft 1k sinus verzerrt THD

FFT square signal external audio generator

x1a xy fft 1k rechteck



System requirements

  • MS Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64 bit), MS-Windows 10 recommeded
  • Audio interface with headphone output and stereo line input. Level of inputs and outputs adjustable. Sample rate 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz (16bit). Recommendation Focusrite 2i2 or Behringer UMC202HD
  • Microphone for acoustical measurement, like Behringer ECM 8000. Microphone amplifier (included in the audio interface Focusrite 2i2 or Behringer UMC202HD)
  • Simple interface for electrical / Z measurement (see schematic stute.x1S in our download area...)
  • Processor i3 1.5GHz or above, RAM min. 2 GB
  • Screen resolution min. 1024x768 pixel