Audio Analyzer
Scalable multi-
channel xy screen
Measurement with standard USB audio interface, amplifier and microphone.


  • Optimize your loudspeaker box design
  • Find the right speaker driver 
  • Check your audio crossover 
  • Test your impedance EQ-circuit
  • Verify the bass reflex port
  • Test your audio amplifier
  • Check tone/equalizer control
  • Display the signal distortion (k2..k7) or FFT (signal spectrum)
  • ...

Key features

  • Accurate electrical & acoustical measurements
  • Frequency range up to 47kHz
  • Usage of a standard USB audio interface
  • SPL correct acoustical measurement
  • Touch friendly user interface
  • Audio signal generator included
  • Multi-channel xy screen 
  • Microphone correction
  • ...   

Example impedance Z measurement

Check loudspeaker chassis or loudspeaker box impedance diagram, bassreflex port tuning, enclosure calculation,...

x1a Z 350


Example STEREO audio amplifier check

Check amplifier (audio power amplifier, mic. amplifier,...) frequency response or tone or EQ control function. 

Messung AA

Example acoustical measurement 

Check of acoustical frequency response of a loudspeaker chassis or loudspeaker box, acoustical audio filter function (e.g. measurement of the mid-range speaker with filter),... 

x1a acoustic 350

Example audio crossover check

Check of audio filter passive or active (slope, frequency range, cut-off frequency, gain), impedance influence for passive filter,...  

x1a crossover 350

Analyzer module

  • Measurements: Acoustical & electrical frequency response, Impedance Z, FFT, signal distortion k2..k7
  • Frequency range 20Hz to 47kHz
  • 6x target measurement channels 
  • 6x frequency range pre-setkeys 
  • Signal generator included
  • Acoustical SPL correct measurement 
  • Microphone correction 
  • Support for standard audio interfaces (ASIO / WDM driver)
  • XY graph printout
  • Easy measurement: No time gate/window settings needed 
  • ...

XY screen

  • Display up to 6 measurements
  • Extra cursor screen 
  • Touch screen friendly icon set
  • Smoothing function and Zoom 
  • Mathematic functions
  • Saleable screen szie
  • 2 y-axis, lin/log x-axis
  • Text input per channel
  • Diagram auto-scale functions
  • Channel copy & paste  
  • Copy diagram to clipboard
  • ….

x1A Bundle: Our set for a quick start

The bundle includes the software stute.x1A, a high resolution USB audio interface, a measurement microphone with XLR cable and the stute.x1S PCBA adapter. To the online shop...



FFT spectrum analysis (acoustical or electrical)

Sine signal analysis 



System requirements

  • MS Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64 bit), MS-Windows 10 recommeded
  • Audio interface with headphone output, stereo line input and microphone input. Level of inputs and outputs adjustable. Supported driver ASIO and Windows WDM. Recommendation Focusrite 2i2 or Behringer UMC202HD
  • Sample rate 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz
  • Microphone for acoustical measurement, like Behringer ECM 8000.
  • Simple interface for electrical / Z measurement (see schematic...)
  • Processor i3 1.5GHz or above
  • Screen resolution min. 1024x768 pixel

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