DCX2496 remote control app
DCX2496 remote control app

Control easily your Behringer DCX2496 loudspeaker management device from your stage monitor position.


What you need:

  • The gratis full version of the DCX.Client software as the user interface to control the DCX2496. DCX.Clients are available for MS-Windows (PC), macOS, Android and iOS.
  • The DCX.Server software (needs a MS-Windows PC & USB-RS232 interface) OR the network controller DCX.NC.   

Video DCX.Client/Server/NC setup & application

Configuration “Basic”: Remote control with an extra PC

  • Install the gratis full version of the DCX.Client software at your MS-Windows, macOS, Android or iOS device.
  • Install the DCX.Server software at your Laptop/PC (MS-Windows 7,8,10).  Connect a bidrectional USB-RS232 interface with your DCX2496 device.
  • Control of up to 16x DCX2496 devices.

Configuration “Professional”:  Remote control without an extra PC 

  • Install the gratis full version of the DCX.Client software at your MS-Windows, macOS, Android or iOS device.
  • Connect the DCX.NC network controller with your DCX2496 device. 
  • Control of up to 16x DCX2496 devices.

Supported DCX2496 functions

  • Input A/B/C/Sum: Gain, Mute, Delay, EQ 1..9, Dynamic EQ, Sum In channel A & B & C
  • Output 1..6: Gain, Mute, Delay (long & short), EQ 1..9, Dynamic EQ, X-Over incl. X-Link(audio crossover), Phase, Polarity, Limiter
  • DCX2496 configuration: Input (e.g. combine In channel A+B) and Output  (e.g. 3-way setting LMH LMH)


  • Control the DCX2496 settings via mobile phone, tablet or computer
  • DCX.Client app available for iOS, Android, macOS, MS-Windows
  • Control of up to 16x DCX2496 devices
  • Search for linked DCX2496 units (multiple DCX2496 connected via RS232/RS485)
  • Select a DCX2496 via the device Id
  • 2 presets for your preferred DCX2496 settings (stored at the client side)
  • Password protection to avoid inadvertent re-adjustment of the DCX2496


DCX.Client on a mobile phone

DCX.Client Home tab (Select the DCX2496 device plus presets)

DCX.Client gain/mute/delay control for the inputs A, B, C and Sum

DCX.Client X-Over (Out 1..6)

DCX.Client EQ and Dyn. EQ  (In A,B,C, Sum, Out 1..6)

DCX.Client Limiter/Phase (Out 1..6)

Multi-Platform: Gratis DCX.Client for macOS, MS-Windows, iOS and Android

System requirements DCX.Client app

  • MS-Windows: 7,8,10 32&64bit  (free download from our homepage)
  • macOS: 10.10 or higher (free download from our homepage)
  • Android: Android 6 or higher (free download from the Google App store)
  • iOS: iOS 9 or higher (free download from the Apple App store)
  • Wi-Fi network connection to DCX.Server

System requirements DCX.Server software

  • PC MS-Windows 7,8,10 (32&64bit), min. Intel i3 CPU 1.5GHz, USB 2.0 port
  • USB-RS232 interface (min. 38400baud, bidirectional, support RTS control signal). Interface with FTDI chip set recommended
  • Download the free trail version from our homepage (header menu "Download")
  • Behringer DCX2496 (not supported Behringer DCX2496LE)

Note: Successful tested with Behringer DCX2496 firmware V1.16 and V1.18. You find the DCX.Server/.Client user manual at our download page.