Cat 1) stute.x1A Audio Analyzer

Software, Manual, stute.x1S schematic...

Connecting stute.x1S with USB Audio Interface
Handbuch Audio Analyzer stute.x1A V1.6 DEUTSCH

New: Manual stute.x1A V1.6 GERMAN

Installation notes / Read me first
NEW: Manual stute.x1A V1.6 English

New: Manual Audio Analyzer stute.x1A (English) V1.6

NEW: Software stute.x1A V1.6.0.22

New V1.6: Unlimited and DEMO version in one file. Easy switch from DEMO to the unlimited version.  

DEMO version limits:

  • Frequency range is limited to 500Hz to 5kHz
  • FFT not available
Schematic / part list adapter stute.x1S

Note: The PCBA or KIT version of stute.x1S is available in our web shop. 

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