Software stute.x1A Audio Analyzer

Software, Manual, stute.x1S schematic...

Software stute.x1A V2.0

Windows 7,8,10

Manual stute.x1A V2 EN
Handbuch stute.x1A V2 DE

Manual German

Connecting stute.x1S adapter with a USB Audio Interface

Schematic & BOM stute.x1S

Schematic & part list (BOM) of the adapter stute.x1S

Note: The PCBA or KIT version of stute.x1S is available in our web shop. 

License key / Lizenzschlüssel V2

How to get a license? / Lizenzl anfordern?

For stute.x1A V2.x, x1D V2.x and DCX.Server

License key / Lizenzschlüssel V1

How to get a license key? / Lizenzschlüssel anfordern?

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