Cat 1) x1 Software (2/10)

  • stute.x1A Audio Analyzer
  • stute.x1D Loudspeaker Designer


Cat 2) Speaker files (1/19)

  • Loudspeaker specifications to import with stute.x1D (Loudspeaker Designer)
  • Without any warranty

Cat 3) stute SCPI (0/3)

Automated measurements of your equipment with SCPI scripts

Cat 4) Smart Home (4/23)

Manuals for z-wave Smart Home Systems (German/English)

  • Controller/systems: Domoticz (coming soon), Zipato (outdated), Fibaro (outdated)
  • Camera manuals and camera finder SW
  • Smart Home modules (z-wave, 433MHz,...)

Cat 5) Accessory (2/4)

  • Audio test files (stute.SCPI)

Most downloaded files

Manual stute.x1A V1.5 (x1A Audio Analyzer) Hot
Manual stute.SCPI (Cat 3) stute SCPI ) Hot
Installation notes / Read me first (x1A Audio Analyzer) Hot
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